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Lucky in Love: The Irish are getting all the honeys

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NORTH TEXAS -- The dating world is an endless pool of possibilities.

Some people are into hipsters and some like the lumberjack type. At the moment, it's all about the Irish! Turns out, the Irish are having major luck in the love department! found 37,000 of its members who put 'Irish' as their ethnicity get 20% more messages compared to people who don't mention being Irish at all.

Since Saint Paddy's Day, singles are really attracted to Irish folk at the moment. Is it because of their fire red hair? The way they jig, or because people think they can handle their green beer?

Either way, the Irish are hot, hot, hot right now!

As if the Irish couldn't get any luckier, now they're getting all the attention!

So if you've got Irish blood in you, let it be known! If not, well, who has to know, right?

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