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Zeus’ Top 5 CW moments of last week’s shows

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Hello CW Super fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics and my inaugural countdown of Zeus' top 5 moments from the week's CW shows!

5 shows: Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Riverdale and 5 moments that made you go Hmmmmm

5 for 5 better than an Arby's sandwich deal without the indigestion. And what's better than a hot sarcasm sandwich?

This week's top 5 for 5: Sorry about it.  5 times the characters did something so epically wrong or stupid but got off so easily... something I would have not just forgiven with a hug and a handshake because I'm bitter and petty

#5 Father Figure It Out

Did J'onn J'onzz really impersonate Alex Danvers' dad Jeremiah to see if she was susceptible to manipulation? That’s manipulation!
When Alex confronts J’onn at the end of the episode, he's like "I did it because I love you like a daughter" and she’s like “You sound just like him.” And they hug it out.


That’s creepy. #daddyissues #boundaries

#4 Romancing the Stone

One will betray you!

Caitlyn, Girl! It did not occur to you that the reason the future isn’t changed or that Savitar is still tormenting your friends is because you still have a fragment of the philosopher’s stone?

And in the come clean moment you get off with an “I’m sorry”

We held onto Cisco’s brother’s death for longer that Iris journalism career so I was surprised the Flash squad was so easy going about it.

Well except Julian… who storm’s down a hallway if only to hilariously shut an elevator door on Caitlyn. The same elevator she’ll take down on the ride a second later to meet Julian downstairs…

#3 Cash or Credit

"Mom, you didn’t not cut off my credit card and report it stolen while I’m out underage drinking with my best gay, my celebrity gal pal and my man candy."

Luckily Veronica had cash and the threat that the club could get in trouble for serving teenagers.  I would not have let that go… #declined

Two Rules: You drop me off around the corner from school so I won’t be seen with my mom and you don’t cut off my credit card when I’m trying to get back at you.

And Hermione Lodges gets out of this one by promising not to bang her boyfriend, Archie’s Dad, in their house, which she of course she agrees because you know they’ve still got the construction trailer at work.

#2 Wait for it

Okay this one’s mine. Arrow producers, CW programming schedulers: We had the giant season long villain identity reveal two weeks ago and you take a week off? It’s not the December break, It’s not even May sweeps. I can only assume you’re high off of the early news you were renewed for a sixth season.

I’m not letting it go though. Shirtless salmon ladder the rest of the season or else every episode will be judged harshly.

#1 With Friends like these

When Rip finally defeats the barriers placed in his mind by Eobard Thawne and emerges no longer Evil Rip, I was expecting some heavy emotions because hey – he nearly killed Sara and did kill actually Vixen’s teammate, the JSA’s Dr Midnite.

Instead we get compliments and handshakes… because I dunno, British accents are charming? And as Ray points out at least he didn’t screw up Star Wars.

Once upon a time as Evil Rip’s actions are now far, far away.

What character screw up are you not letting go of this past week? Tweet at me Zeuscomics and send me your suggestions for an upcoming top 5 list. And be sure to watch CW and follow zeuscomics and the CW online.

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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