Questions go unanswered as 911 phone issue plagues Dallas

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DALLAS -- Dallas and T-Mobile are making progress - as they try to figure out the 911 issue. T-Mobile engineers have figured out that it's not "ghost calls", but people who are hanging up before they ever talk with an operator.

Regardless, this issue has made national headlines quicker than any operator can pick up the phone, from the Washington Post and CNN to TV stations in Seattle and San Francisco.

Part of the reason this story has gone viral so quickly is because this is the kind of story that makes you madder the more you think about it!

And it’s for several reasons, including the fact that there are still so many unanswered questions. One example: why it took two recent deaths for T-Mobile and the City of Dallas to start tackling this issue in full force?

When Mayor Mike Rawlings was asked a similar question - he answered it like this: "It's not acceptable that that happened and we've gotta make sure that it never happens again."

Another question: if this issue has been going on since November, how many people really have died because of it?

Again, here's the mayor: "Well, we are looking into every issue around this and we need to get to the facts on every issue in any fatality around this."

Let’s be clear, this isn't the fault of one person or entity. It's the fault of many.

Yeah, things clearly need to change. And maybe that’s where a city like Dallas or a company like T-Mobile can lead the way, by looking at ways to implement technology that can help 911 operators. Because the sad truth of it is, Uber and Facebook can figure out where you are a lot quicker than 911.

And it'll be that way until someone steps up to find a solution.

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