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How to see if someone is stalking you on Instagram

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Ever wondered how your favorite brands, bloggers and famous personalities get so many likes and followers? Eye Opener's Allyn Hoang met up with Marty Martinez, founder of Social Revolt, for the inside scoop.

Martinez says when trying to gain more followers and get more engagement on social media selfies are A-ok. He says at Social Revolt studies have shown people are more inclined to engage with a selfie than with a food or animal picture. He says keep up with the selfie, but don't overdo it.

When it comes to Instagram Martinez says hashtags are the number one way to increase your likes and engage your audience by about 15% to 20%. He says identify 30 hashtags (the max number allowed on Instagram) and drop them in the first comment. By dropping them in the comment you still reap the benefits of hashtags without cluttering up your post.

If you want to see who is stalking your profile Martinez recommends InstaReport an app that let's you see who has been stalking your page. Martinez says a "stalker" is identified as anyone who has been visiting your profile, but doesn't actually engage with your content.

For social media tips you can follow Martinez on Instagram or at

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