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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Y’all! 🍀

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DALLAS – Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Dallas Fort Worth! 🍀

Shame on us if we didn’t first give a big #MFFL shout out to the Dallas Mavericks for 1) Dirk Nowitzki and 2) sponsoring the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Shout out to the nimble people who were quickly jumping out of cars on the service road along the eastbound side of 75 early Saturday morning — I would NEVER be brave enough or physically successful enough to do that and I’m glad no one got hurt. Let’s maybe re-think that for next year. Y’all re-think, that is; my plan of safely parking and walking worked pretty well.

Which reminds me, super shout out to the lovely restaurant that did not tow my car. I will be patronizing and recommending your establishment for years to come. But I can’t name you here because then at next year’s parade, everyone will park there. And I won’t get a spot. 😉

Dallas’ celebration is one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country, and probably the only one that empties grocery store shelves of corn tortillas and marshmallows. You guys know who you are.
(But some of you got your snacks flying right back at you, didn’t you?!? 🙃)

You know what was really cool? Former Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown as Grand Marshal. There is nothing that man can’t lead, is there?!?


You’ll always be blue to us, Chief, but you rocked that green!

But wait, Chief Brown wasn’t the only highlight. Did you catch a glimpse of who was leading the superheroes on the CW33 float?

Yeah! Our morning sunshiners from Eye Opener! Neeha Curtis, Laila Muhammad, Kevin Roth, and Oliver Tull all got up early (again) to celebrate with DFW.

Kevin Roth, Oliver Tull, Neeha Curtis Laila Muhammad representing Eye Opener

They’ve got the moves! And they knew the words to Every. Single. Song. played by our BOOM 94.5 DJ’s!

As this video shows, we clearly have GOT to do something about Kevin Roth’s shyness on the dance floor float.

Did anyone see how far beads were flying when Neeha threw them? Like, almost Oklahoma. Never ask her to toss you a pencil or a pair of scissors.

You know where she gets that strength, right? Carrying around a new gorgeous baby girl named Alice.

The parade started at Greenville Avenue & Blackwell Street and ran (paraded?) just about two miles, ending at SMU Boulevard. But that was NOT the end of it because we're DFW and we love a good festival!

The Festival Zone at the Meadows Building was already up and running before participants even got on their floats. Hopefully you stopped at the CW33 tent and took a spin on the prize wheel!

Supergirl and The Flash were the only ones not wearing green, amirite? I guess Arrow defended them to the others because no one said they didn't want Flash or Supergirl in their photos. They had a lot of fun meeting everyone and talking superheroes.

Those were not the only superstars  -- even DPD was getting into the spirit (every little bit of bling counts) while keeping everyone safe and happy.

And the best news is 1) We did it all together, DFW! and 2) It's not over! Since March 17 fell on a Friday this year, the celebration continues through this weekend as well! 🍀🙌

Hopefully that girl throwing up in the trash can near the DART rail at Park & Greenville early Saturday afternoon feels better by now. Shout out to the volunteer friend holding her hair. 😝❤

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀😃

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