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These ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans’ are the ugliest jeans EVER.

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DALLAS -- Hey, I really wish my kneecaps would sweat more -- said no one EVER! But that's exactly what'll happen if you try this ridiculous new fashion trend.

Now introducing "Clear Knee Mom Jeans."

Yep, they really have clear plastic sewn into the kneecaps.

This fashion "hell to the naw" makes normal mom jeans look like a "hell to the yes."

They're not only ridiculous, they're pricey. Topshop and Nordstrom are actually selling them for $95 bucks. The maker calls it baring your knees for a "futuristic feel."

Uh... despite getting nearly five stars on Topshop and Nordstrom's sites, social media is ripping these jeans.

It's clear to see, these aren't the bee's knees.

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