Rep. Joe Barton shouts ‘shut up’ to attendee, Texas Reps refuse to host town hall meetings

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Texas Representative Joe Barton received a lot of heat from constituents during a town hall meeting last week.

Barton, who represents most of Arlington, was discussing why he voted against federal legislation that focused on violence against women when an attendee began to interrupt him.

“Violence against women, that’s a national issue,” the attendee says, ” That is an issue that impacts everyone, everywhere. Not only in this country but everywhere.”

More attendees began to shout their opinions on the issue, leading Barton to shout “you sir, shut up” to an attendee.

Watch House Representative of the 6th District of Texas, Joe Barton shout “you sir, shut up” to constituents

Barton isn’t the only Rep. taking heat from angry constituents. Last month, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, had angry attendees shout at him, “do your job.”

Many Texas Reps have refused to have town hall meetings and some use other alternatives to speak with constituents. Last month, East Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert refused to have town hall meetings after learning what happened to Chaffetz. Instead, he decided to host “telephone town halls” instead of in-person meetings. Rep. Kenny Marchant, who represents Irving, has refused to hold town hall meetings as well.

Barton is holding a Tarrant County town hall meetings in April.