‘Slave auction’ posters at NJ elementary school gets failing grade

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SOUTH ORANGE, NJ -- If you accepted Ben Carson's apology for referring to slaves as immigrants, then you can probably forgive a school for a bunch of "slave auction" poster.

South Mountain Elementary in New Jersey is certainly looking to turn the page on their controversial assignment. This comes after pictures of the of the posters were shared to Facebook, asking people to complain to the district.

"It has come to my attention that South Mountain Elementary School recently instructed its students to draw slave auction pictorials and then proceeded to hang drawings throughout the hallways of the school."

Check out the posters in question:

The post eventually went viral before the superintendent responded. In a statement he apologized for the "culturally insensitive assignment" adding that they "certainly understand and respect the strong reaction."

The superintendent also claimed the posters were apart of an annual assignment given to the kids so they can learn about the Colonial America project.