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The Flash S03 E15: Iris and Barry’s engagement in jeopardy, Julien and Caitlyn on Ice, and Savitar returns

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Hello Flash fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

We open the episode with Wally passing the speed test to save Iris in a trial with Flash and Jessie.

Giving hope to the team and ending with a celebration as Barry and Iris announce their engagement.

But wait!

A robbery at the Central City Bank send Barry and Wally speeding off.

But not Jessie... because she's too busy fawning over the engagement ring. Which is always my dilemma: jewelry or crime fighting.

On their way to the heist, Wally and Barry get interrupted by Savitar!

But this time only Wally sees him, not Barry. Moments later when Wally is describing the attack to the team, Barry doesn't initially believe him.

You know, crazy kids with Super powers. Getting fake knocked into a wall and damaging cars. Come on Barry.

With the potential reemergence of Savitar in Central city, Julian channels Savitar who drops more clues about his identity.

Name dropping both Zoom and the Reverse Flash, eliminating them from the suspect list. While telling us they were all responsible for him becoming Savitar but it was Savitar who created himself. "I am the Future Flash!" he pronounces.

Our crew smartly decides to track a Savitar acolyte and comes across a Savitar worship ceremony and the empty philosopher's stone box!

More interestingly the acolyte tells Barry "I'd move up the wedding!"

He knows! But how?!

Feeling the pressure to defeat Savitar, Wally gets Cisco to Vibe him into the future where we watch Iris die.


But a new detail emerges! Iris isn't wearing her ring!

So when Wally returns to confront Barry about his reasons for proposing to Iris, he puts doubt in Iris' mind about the engagement.

Meanwhile, Julian is also going through a crisis, thinking he is the reason Savitar has returned.

However Caitlyn fesses up to having kept a fragment of the stone in hope to cure her powers! "One will betray you!" It's Savitar's prophecy!

Wally's visions then turn dark with when Savitar, disguised as his mom, taunts Wally that he isn't fast enough to save Iris.

Wally then steals the stone fragment to deal with Savitar once and for all!

But instead, releases Savitar from his speed force prison and becoming trapped himself.

"One will suffer a fate worse than death!"

The final prophecy revealed fans? I'm not too certain. I'm not convinced "one will die" pertains to Iris. What are your guesses?

Our episode concludes with Savitar free, Wally trapped in the speed force, Barry wounded and Iris without her ring!

Next on Flash, Barry suffers his own visions and demons as Barry turns to the Speed Force for answers!

Get ready for returning characters in an all new Flash in “Into the Speed Force!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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