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Legends of Tomorrow S02 E13: A Human Giddeon, Evil Rip gets not-so-evil, and dinosaurs!

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Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

With Evil Rip captive aboard the Waverider, it’s doesn’t take long for him to take control of Giddeon, escape his cell and set the ship into self-destruct mode.

Fortunately, Jax is able to regain control of Giddeon by rebooting. No literally, it was tech support. "No - we’re not having issues in your area… have you tried restarting your time ship? Give that a try."

The momentary loss of Giddeon sends the ship tumbling out the time stream and landing in the Cretaceous period and also jettisoning the “primal temporal delineator” also known as "plot device" somewhere nearby.

So our team splits up: with Ray, Amaya and Nate on the quest to recover the delineator and Mick, Stein, Jax and Sara left to deal with an incapacitated Evil Rip.

Side note: Wouldn’t it have made more sense to send out your fliers after the delineator? You know a suited up ray or a powered up Firestorm or even Amaya with bird flight abilities?

The trek through the jungle though does give us more Nate and Amaya flirting and Ray providing hilarious commentary and comedy. “Don’t leave the urine perimeter,” he warns. Or URINE DANGER! That’s my contribution

Once our delineator is discovered in the nest of a dinosaur, It’s up to Amaya to power up and commune with Gertrude.

This was a cool and unique display Vixen’s powers and a top notch CG dinosaur. It almost makes up for that horrendous CG nazi at the beginning of the season. Almost.

While our away team regains the delineator, Jax and Sara go inside Rip’s mindscape in an attempt to save Rip.

Once inside they fight twisted versions of the Legends team with Sara eventually discovering the real Rip and in an interesting twist, a human version of Giddeon played by the actual voice actor, Amy Pemberton.

Mindscape/human version Giddeon is able to give Rip the encouragement he needs to defeat the traps Thawne set in his mind thereby freeing Rip from his evil counterpart.

Interesting after Rip is freed he and ship’s computer Giddeon have an exchange suggesting she was actually in his mind. How will this new relation ship play out?

At the end of our episode our Legends make peace with Rip for his actions and set about finding the remaining fragment of the spear kept by the JSA’s commander Steel.

It’s trip to the moon in our next preview as the Legends travel to 1970 and the Apollo 13 space mission to thwart Eobard Thawn and catch up Commander Steel.

Get ready for launch in the newest Legends, Moonshot!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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