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Look what one dude’s Twitter rant revealed about sexism in corporate America

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PHILADELPHIA, PA- This recent article from attn: might've just put all the attention on sexism in the workplace -- and it's all stemming from one dude's experiment--and his Twitter rant about it.

Martin Schneider has become a part of a trending topic. He posted a series of tweets explaining how during his old job, he'd accidentally sent emails to a client using the signature of Nicole -- a "female" coworker.

Sounds small, but the slip-up actually caused the "client" to be rude to Martin. Now, Martin believes the name and corresponding sex of the person -- behind that name-- is the reason "why."

In a Tweet Martin explained the encounter:

That's when he noticed his mistake. But, get this... when he switched back to his name, the tone of the client switched up as well.

This discovery prompted Martin to do a social experiment and continue using Nicole's name for two more weeks, while Nicole used Martin's signature.

In the end, that did nothing but prove to Martin and Nicole that when it comes to the workplace, "What's in a name," really does matter!

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