New video released in Michael Brown case

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FERGUSON, MO -- New security footage has surfaced of Michael Brown from the same day he was shot and killed in Ferguson. It now has people questioning what really happened.

Michael's mom Lezley McSpadden said, "I was surprised to hear that two years later, there was a video."

The new video shows Michael walk into the store at about one in the morning.

"There was some type of exchange for one thing for another," McSpadden said. "That these people know each other well enough that this is the relationship that they have."

The video was released in a documentary at South by Southwest in Austin, which claims Michael was trading weed for cigarillos and had the employee hold onto them until later.

At 11:50 a.m., Michael came back to the store, which is when the original footage shows an altercation with a clerk.

The video doesn't clarify clashing stories of the encounter between Michael and officer Darren Wilson, which set off violent protests across the nation. However, it does have people wondering why police didn't release the second video in the first place.

Joey Jackson, a legal analyst for CNN, said, "If you want to build trust and build respect between police and communities...everything needs to come out. Everything is relevant in an investigation because it explains exactly what happened in the store."

A lot of questions still remain unanswered, and this new video just makes it that much more confusing.