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CNN photographer’s luggage labeled as ‘fake news’ on Southwest flight

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL - For some people, the thought of checking bags sends them over the edge. But, CNN photographer Mark Walz recently got a kick out of what southwest airlines allegedly did to his.

Walz posted a few photo of his camera equipment marked up with 'Fake News' and 'Clinton News' stickers. Walz says he discovered the (uh) news when he picked them up at baggage claim after his flight out of West Palm Beach Florida.

He wrote on Facebook: "I knew that the flight crew are often entertaining but had no idea that their baggage handlers were comedians as well. But to be fair, maybe it was the TSA...."

Well safe to say, Walz wasn't too worried about the sticky situation. Although he says Southwest did issue an apology.

Ah, c'mon! It's all out of love. Besides, you can't take fake news seriously these days!


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