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Watch these kids crash their dad’s serious interview on BBC

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SOUTH KOREA -- Working from home can be hard sometimes, but working from home with your kids? That’s a totally different ball game.

Robert Kelly, a professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was doing a Skype interview with the BBC when one of his kids came into the room during his interview.


Kelly tried to gently push her away with no success, but nonetheless, tried to carry on with the interview. Then, his other kid came rolling on through also!

It just keeps getting better! A woman came sliding in Risky Business Style to save the day!

The woman finally got the children out, kicking and screaming. Then the woman shut the door from a crouched position as Kelly apologized one last time.

The Twitter community is having a field day with this video. One user said:

Another said:

You can't deny it. That little girl is beyond cute. Does this count as bringing your children to work day?


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