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Robots on the rise as UTA & Aloft Hotel show off these bots!

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DALLAS - Twenty years ago, if you told someone robots were taking over the world-- they probably would call bluff. But now, RoboCop isn't just some action-packed movie! The University of Texas at Arlington unveiled their test version of a RoboCop. Although it looks more like R2-D2 the gadget is pretty cool!

It's technically supposed to patrol the streets and see things humans can't.

"They serve as an extra set of eyes and ears," demonstrated Patrick Bridges with UTA PD. "They have 360 video so they see everything around them."

Don't worry, it can't arrest or take you down-- but it can dial 911!

"Someone in distress has the ability to come up and push a button and alert the monitoring center," Bridges continued.

The bot was invented by a UTA alumnus whose company is currently based in California. The school has interest in rolling it out in the near future.

You know,  "the future" where humans become too lazy to do anything! That's probably a good reason why Aloft Hotel's grand opening in Dallas served up something other than room service. Relay the Robot made a public appearance at the ceremony as it wowed the crowd with its ability to deliver ice, towels, etc. to hotel guests.

This is the second Aloft location in the world testing out the bionic butler.

So robots haven't quite taken over the world, but now you have to wonder: What in the heck will we be saying 20 years from now?

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