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Man freaks out on flight attendant over $12 blanket

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LOS ANGELES – What annoys you the most about flying? Bag fees? Cramped seating? What about having to pay cold hard cash for a blanket?

Well, that was the straw the broke the camel's back for one 66-year-old man. About an hour into a Hawaiian Airlines flight that was headed to Honolulu, the plane was diverted to LAX after a passenger threatened a flight attendant who was going to charge him $12 for a blanket.

"He made a statement that he wanted to take someone behind the woodshed over there, which prompted the flight crew and the captain who, in turn, diverted the aircraft to LAX,” Rob Pedregon of the Los Angeles Airport Police said.

The passenger did talk to police after being escorted off the flight in LA, but he wasn't arrested because cops claim what he did wasn't really a crime.

Mind you, this plane was over the water – on its way to paradise – and the captain turned it around.

So what turned out to be a minor $12 dispute, cost the rest of the passengers something much more valuable than money – time!

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