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Class Act: Student expresses himself & his culture through music

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DALLAS — Music is a lot more than just playing the notes off a page. It’s also about telling the story of who you are. And creating that kind of music is what makes Saul Flores our Class Act of the Week.

Saul is a senior at Booker T., a violinist, and one of the leaders of the school’s orchestra program.

“Being one of the seniors, I’m responsible for taking care of our violin section,” said Saul. “Making sure they know what to do and how to play the music and being a role model for the younger students.”

Yeah, being a first violinist comes with its responsibility, but Saul handles it perfectly.

“Saul is a quiet leader. He influences people just by who he is,” Scott Rudes, principal at Booker T. Washington, said. “This passion for artistic excellence and this ability to want to empower others to achieve their dreams.”

He’s also a master of two musical styles on the strings, with a focus on classical music as well as a real passion for Mariachi.

“As an artist, it’s important to stay true to yourself and part of being true to yourself would be being true to your culture,” Saul said. “Playing mariachi, it’s an intrinsic part of me that I can’t let go of.”

Using his art form to stay true to his culture is what he’s all about. For Saul, the violin is an extension of who he is on every level:

“I get to connect with my instrument and I love being able to express my ideas, my feelings through it and I just express myself.”

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