TravelFix: How to find the perfect place to stay

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PHOENIX, AZ -- One of the biggest things you need to figure out when traveling - is where you are going to stay. Yes, lodging is extremely important. But how do you find a place that works for you?? Well, you have to know where to look.

And few people have more experience finding that perfect place than our expert traveler Drew Binsky.

"If you're an extreme budget traveler, which I used to be, and which a lot of people are, starting out, I would look into It’s basically a website where you can stay at people’s places for free,” said Drew during a recent Skype chat with NewsFix. “A lot of the places that you sleep on are couches, but sometimes people will have extra rooms in their house. I’ve done it about 10 times all over the world and have never had a bad experience.

"The next step will be Airbnb, which I use all the time. Airbnb is best for if you’re traveling with a group; two or more people, because you can split the price. Airbnb functions in almost every country in the world. And you can really get some good rates on Airbnb.”

Drew says one trick to using Airbnb is to message the host before booking to see if they’re willing to give you a discount. Especially if you really like the look of the place but it’s just a little bit beyond your budget.

If that’s not for you, Drew says the third option may be:

"They have the most options and they have the cheapest prices. It’s also the easiest to book,” says Drew. “I’ve stayed at properties in probably 50 countries and I’ve never really had a bad experience.”

Drew says ultimately it's up to you. If you've got a tight budget, Couchsurfing may be your best option. If you're going with a big group, try out Airbnb. And if you like the idea of using a hotel, you're covered with

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