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Riverdale S01 E06: The kids of Riverdale really have screwed up relationships with their parents

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Like last episode with Reggie and Val, Faster Pussy Cat Kill, Kill pulls back the curtain on two more Riverdale teens: Josie MCoy and Polly Cooper!

This episode is all about deception and the screwed up relationships the kids of Riverdale have with their parents… And I thought Cheryl Blossom had it bad.

For Josie McCoy it’s about the pressure to live up to her largely absent musician dad’s, Myles McCoy, expectations.

Early in the episode Josie lashes out at Val for working with Archie, causing Val to quit.

Veronica offers to sub in leading to every teen’s fantasy - a slo-mo walk through the High School halls wearing cat ears.

Val eventually reconciles with Josie in large part because she knows what a jerk Josie’s dad is.

Which leads us to the Riverdale talent show where Josie, Val, Melody AND Veronica cover Donna Summers Disco classic I Feel Love.

Oh! Archie finally does more than strum a cord on the guitar!

We’ve been teased all season long that Archie loves songwriting and music and finally we get one at the variety show, but not without suffering through Archie’s crippling stage fright for the first half of the episode.

If you’ve followed KJ Apa on youtube you’ll know he’s a skilled guitarist, so it’s finally nice to see this highlighted. I would like to see more Archie and Josie and the Pussycats performances. Plus we discover Veronica can sing

Speaking of Veronica, she catches Momma Lodge Hermione making out in the office trailer at Archie’s Dad Fred’s construction company.

For the record, Hermione is still married to Hiram Lodge and Fred is only separated from Archie mom.

To make it even more twisted, Hermione forges Veronica’s signature to award the mysterious Lodge development project to Fred Andrews construction company. And Veronica is none to happy about it.

Our season long mystery of Jason Blossom’s death moves forward with the first appearance of Betty’s sister Polly Cooper!

Jughead and Betty sneak the name and address of the home Polly has been hidden away - The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

There Betty discovers that Polly is pregnant!

Did Betty’s parents send Polly away because of the shame of the pregnancy?

They certainly didn’t tell Polly that Jason was dead so when Betty delivers the bad news Polly understandably breaks down, only fueling the idea that Polly is crazy.

Before Betty and Jughead get ejected and caught by Alice - Polly informs Betty that Jason had stashed a car on the other side of the river for the clandestine getaway on July 4th.

Oh and Momma Cooper is just as crazy as Polly supposedly is.

Did you catch this moment when Betty asks Dad Hal about whether he killed Jason?

You think at first Alice is crying at the accusation only to discover she’s laughing - then shames Hal for being a weakling who couldn’t pull the trigger.

But she also denies that she shot Jason.

Our end of episode is the discovery of the car Jason stashed filled with drugs and Jason’s letter jacket. Jughead is able to get some photographic proof but when Sheriff Keller arrives, the car and the evidence has been set on fire by persons unknown.

Oh hey and be sure to stop by Zeus or your local comic shop to pick up this Riverdale one-shot!

There are four short stories catching you up on what Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica were doing over the summer leading up to Jason’s death and the return to school. It certainly clarified a few things for me.

Next up on Riverdale is a spotlight on Jughead, more screwed up parenting with his deadbeat dad of the southside serpents, and more of the mystery as Jughead is taken in for questioning.

Get ready for the newest Riverdale “In a Lonely Place”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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