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Dallas / Fort Worth residents are kind-of, sort-of happier than they used to be

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Is it the plethora of restaurants we have to offer? What about our southern hospitality? We’re prideful that we live in the birthplace of America’s team, but what’s really the reason why DFW residents are happier now than in previous years?

The DFW has increased it’s state of well-being since 2015. According to a study from Gallup-Healthways, we rank 55 out of 189 in community well-being in 2016. We ranked at 62 in 2015.

We definitely have to thank Fort Worth for our rank increase.

Since initiating the Blue Zone Project in 2015, Fort Worth has increased their well-being and is on their way to living a healthier lifestyle. The project has initiated 35 restaurants, 14 schools, 11 grocery stories, 75 worksites and 23 organizations to making healthier choices easier for residents. There’s also been community improvements including city leaders building a way for urban agriculture and better access to fresher produce.

We’re still pretty low in social (80), financial (86) and physical (73) ranks.

Determining factors for social rank are having supportive relationships and love in your life. Financial rank comes from residents being able to manage their economic life and increasing financial security.  Physical rank factors are having good health and enough energy to get things done every day.

So we don’t have a big smile on our face for being the happiest city, but we’re not necessarily frowning either. Dallas is continuously growing with many community projects in the works that’ll advance our city (if only they could complete I-35 😒). We’re also ranked in the top 20 for the best cities for singles, so get out there and mingle!


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