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Are these flying cars the future?!

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Looks like high tech companies Airbus and ItalDesign have beat the pigs to the punch as they revealed the first ever prototype for a self-piloted flying car, this week. Think of it as a big drone that you can fit in.

Sure, it's not quite on the Jetsons level just yet, but by 2030, they expect everyone to be way ahead of the Flinstones.

"I think right now the urban sky is quite underutilized and that's exactly the proposition the gridlock layout of road doesn't actually do it for us," explained Mathias Thomsen with Airbus.

They're aren't perfect, especially considering these smart cars supposedly run on battery life while roaming thousands of feet in the air.

But Airbus and ItalDesign are setting their sights pretty high with this one. They claim these cars will be able to transform from a normal car to an off-road vehicle when a set of rotors clips onto the top of it.

"We think that by combining air and ground we will get a much better use of the space that we have in our cities," Thomsen added.


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