Supergirl S02 E14: Daddy drama and the DEO’s secret alien registry is leaked

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

After Winn discovers activity at a Cadmus' facility, Supergirl and the DEO intercept the transport of a mysterious prisoner - who is none other than Alex and Kara’s dad, Jeremiah!

It’s a homecoming embraced by the Danvers Clan and J’onn and the DEO.

Only Mon-El is suspect to the potential deception. It’s a conflict that puts him at odds with Kara.

It’s was also kind of frustrating as the viewer because Mon-El was the only one making sense.

Mon-El convinces Winn to spy on Jeremiah to discover Jeremiah hacked the DEO.

When busted about it, Jeremiah reveals he was simply getting info on what his daughters have been up to during his absence.

Dad. That’s so sweet.

But really you could have asked. This only further drives a wedge between Mon-El and the Danvers.

It’s only after Jeremiah sets the DEO up by sending Supergirl and Alex out to a supposed Cadmus bomb location that the ruse is revealed.

Jeremiah steals an alien registry the DEO was secretly keeping.

It’s in a battle with J’onn we discover that Jeremiah now has super strength. He too has been modified by Cadmus like Hank Henshaw and Metallo.

J’onn also asks Jeremiah why can’t I read your mind?

Probably for the same reason you couldn’t at the beginning of the episode when you could have stopped this deception 40 minutes ago.

Winn, still suspect of Jeremiah, however placed a tracker on Jeremiah allowing Supergirl and Alex to confront Jeremiah and Lillian.

In a bit of comic book villainy, Supergirl is dispatched to save a train while our villains escape. One final moment when Alex has the option to shoot Jeremiah but decides to let him go.

From the beginning of the episode the obvious answer was that Jeremiah was playing Supergirl and crew.

I kept hoping there was a bigger game at hand. Which didn’t prove true.

However in the end Jeremiah asks Alex to trust him, so maybe?

Armed with the National Alien Registry, our next episode shows Cadmus rounding up aliens.

We even get a glimpse of an Luthor corp facility. Is Lena involved? Is this another of Lex’s secret facility?

More Cadmus. More Lillian, More Jeremiah as our season long plot moves forward in the next new Supergirl “Exodus!"

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