Mobile dentistry comes to North Texas

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PLANO -- For a lot of folks, getting to the dentist is a bigger pain than actually lying in the hot seat. Well, one dentist wants to bring the dental chair to you.

“I just keep hearing from people that would come into my dental office and they would say they had tooth pain or problems that they’ve put off just because it's really difficult to get to the dentist,” said Dr. Michael Fooshee.

Dr. Fooshee with New Avenue Dentistry came up with a mobile dentist office. The office sets up shop in the parking lot of local businesses. Fooshee transformed a 450 square foot semi truck trailer into an office.

“Our general reaction: it's a great opportunity for people to save some time,”  Dr. Fooshee said.

New Avenue Dentistry patient Rachel Henderson said, “I came here to get my teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago, but I got a filling so I`m just back here to make sure everything is okay.”

The trailer comes equipped with TV monitors and even an x-ray machine, not something you expect in the back of a semi-truck.

“You walk in and you wouldn’t think that this was really a dentist office. First of all, it's in a trailer. That's the most shocking part. But then you walk in and you just calm down and you’re ready to get your teeth cleaned,” Henderson said.

And that's something to smile about.