Keller high school student has whooping cough, health officials confirm

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KELLER – A high school student at Central High School in Keller has been diagnosed with whooping cough, according to Tarrant County Health Officials.

Whooping cough is highly dangerous disease that’s extremely contagious but preventable through vaccinations.

Texas ranks second to last in the nation in vaccination rates in children. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention disclosed  data showing that more than 1/3 of Texas children ages 19 months to 35 months hadn’t received all the necessary immunizations.

Texas also saw a drop in children that received their full vaccinations last year.

Long term effects of whooping cough in infants can cause brain damage, apnea, seizures, convulsions and death. For adults, pneumonia, urinary incontinence and difficulty sleeping.

Texas lawmakers are helping cut down the rise of whooping cough and other diseases through vaccines. The Parent’s Right to Know House Bill 2249 / Senate Bill 1010 will allow immunization rates to be publicly available to individual school campuses while still ensuring privacy of student data.