Frustration brewing in Fort Worth as police investigate bodycam “leaks”

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FORT WORTH — If you thought the drama around the Jacqueline Craig excessive force case was over, think again.

The Fort Worth mom was arrested back in December after she and her neighbor called the police on each other.

The tense exchange with an officer was streamed on Facebook Live and earned the officer a 10-day suspension.

Of course, many in the community didn’t think that was enough, and when the body cam footage of the incident was released, it didn’t change many minds.

Now, the officer is back on duty, but two high-ranking police administrators apparently aren’t, because they’re being investigated for allegedly “leaking” the footage.

One of them, Assistant Chief Abdul Pridgen, has lawyered up.  A statement from his lawyer says “Chief Pridgen did not release this video,” and calls the investigation a “vicious and unwarranted attack.”

Meanwhile, FWPD said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing and that they won’t share details until it’s complete.  They also said it’s “unfortunate” that lawyers and media are talking about their investigation. Of course, that’s not stopping them.

Ms. Craig’s attorney Lee Merritt said at a Monday morning press conference, “The idea that two black chiefs within the Forth Worth Police Department would be targeted and accused of a so-called ‘leak,’ further gives away the institutional racism present within the City of Fort Worth.  It would be one thing to call it ‘playing the race card,’ but when race is a predictive factor in who will be targeted for criminal prosecution, sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.”

Yeah, it’s not the best look for Fort Worth. But hey, the Department says they’ll get to the bottom of this, so for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.