Boom Box: Hip Hop Radio Personalities

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DALLAS - Being a radio personality is awesome!  So we totally understand why so many people want to do it, including famous people!

Over the years, several Hip Hop and R&B artists have switched their careers from being played on the radio to playing on the radio.

Like Nick Cannon, he’s known for being an artist, comedian, and actor but he was also a morning show personality in New York for a few years.

Then there are classic Hip Hop artists Chubb Rock and Bone Crusher, they are currently on the air in Atlanta.

Superwoman Lil' Mo showed her skills in the 1990’s and early 2000’s as a radio broadcaster in her hometown of Baltimore and most recently in Washington D.C.

Even R&B icon Smokey Robinson shared his smooth style behind the mic at a radio station in Los Angeles for a few years.

Now, we can’t forget some of the artists who started out as radio stars and then transferred into the music industry.  Like Ludacris! He was a popular DJ in Atlanta before getting a record deal.  The same goes for superstar DJ Khaled. Khaled was a mixer and late night personality in Miami before hitting it big!

Sounds like radio, R&B and Hip Hop make a perfect combination!

And that’s your Boom Box!