An International Women’s Strike is happening… it’s seriously happening

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Feminist organizers worldwide have called for a one day strike for women called the International Women’s Strike on March 8.

Inspired by a mass mobilization in Argentina and Poland where women protested against gender violence and a proposed abortion ban, the strike will have women take the day off from paid and unpaid labor.

Thirty-five countries are participating in the strike. Organizers from Poland reached out to activists in other countries including Italy, Ireland and South Korea proposing that the strike coincide with International Women’s Day.

Encouraged by the massive Women’s Marches turnout in January, a group of U.S. activists have decided to join the International Women’s Strike. Cities have already planned rallies, walkouts and demonstrations like New York’s rally in Washington Square Park and Weston, West Virginia hosting a march for women during dinner time.

Women comprise nearly half of the United States’ labor force.

If women are unable to strike on March 8, they can wear red for solidarity.