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Riverdale S01 E05: Maple syrup drama and another murder suspect

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

This week on Riverdale, we go deep into Cheryl Blossom’s gothic family horror story, a new suspect emerges plus Archie gets his groove back!

Jughead kicks us off with some narration introducing the Blossom’s creepy family mansion, Thornhill, complete with graveyard!

Thornhill makes the perfect setting for Jason Blossom’s memorial and burial which both happen in this episode.

Our first peek inside involves a Cheryl experiencing a nightmare while sleeping in Jason’s bed, but Penelope Blossom isn’t having it and tells Cheryl she won’t be able to speak as Jason’s memorial.

The hard and cold exchange gives a window into why Cheryl is always so nasty to the other kids.

But in an olive branch moment a little later, Cheryl invites Veronica to a sleep over. An exchange between Herimone Lodge and Penelope at the memorial, gives a glimpse that something between the Lodges and the Blossoms doesn't gel, so was Cheryl getting back at her parents by inviting Veronica to a sleep over?

You would think so by the way Clifford and Penelope grill Veronica about her dad’s arrest.

It’s here we learn their fortune is from Maple Syrup which is why the river is named sweet water.

It’s a later thread also picked up after an unheard heated moment between Clifford Blossom and Betty’s Dad Hal Cooper.

It’s Betty who confronts her dad to discover their family has a long feud with the Blossoms going back to Great Grandpa Blossom murdering Great Grandpa Cooper over Maple syrup business dealings.

Aha! Now we know why the Blossoms and the Coopers were both opposed to Jason Blossom and Polly Coopers romance… even bigger… at the memorial Jughead and Betty sneak into Jason’s room looking for clues and out of the dark shadows emerges grandma Blossom who mistakes Betty for Polly!

It’s here we learn that Jason and Polly were secretly engaged!

But did Dad Hal Cooper know? Our end of episode reveals Police Chief Keller’s file on Jason’s death was now in the hands of Hal.

Did Hal vandalize Chief Keller’s house for file? We certainly have a new suspect in Jason’s death Betty’s Dad Hal Cooper!

For Archie, this episode is about grieving over Grundy through music, football and sweaty, shirtless boxing!

As Fred Andrews asks… This is all for football?… No Fred I think this is for the fans.

While the "Archie as potential football captain plot" or "serious musician plot" unfolds, it’s in these scene we got bigger introductions to two classic Archie characters: Reggie Mantle and Valerie Brown.

It’s hinted that Valerie and Archie might be striking up a romance.

He certainly invites Valerie sans the other pussycats to Jason’s memorial, unless Archie didn’t invite Val as date. Penelope Blossom mentioned the invites were based on her personal suspect of Jason’s killer.

For Reggie, in the comics he's a constant foil to Archie. When the drama doesn’t center around the Betty, Veronica, Archie love triangle, it’s Reggie pushing Archie around as a continual frenemy.

More of this y’all! More of the Riverdale kids!

CW gets a rap for continual teen drama but the parental town plots are kind of a bore.

Next up on Riverdale! Heeeeeere’s Polly!

Jughead and Betty go deeper on the case as the accusations fly! Plus discord within the pussy cats!

It’s the next new Riverdale - Faster Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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