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Recent LGBTQ talk is makes headlines in sports and movies!

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Disney is all about breaking barriers and broadening their horizons. For example Moana, the new show Elena of Avalor and just Tuesday they made history by airing the network's first ever animated same-sex kiss.

But they're not stopping there!

According to the director of the highly anticipated live-action film, Beauty and The Beast, Gaston's sidekick, Lefou played by Josh Gad, not only wants to be like Gaston but also wants to be with him!

The director says Lefou is just realizing these feelings; calling the scene a quote "Exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie."  Too bad in the world of sports, being gay isn't as accepting.

According to ESPN, during an interview with Israeli Website Walla Sport, Amar'e Stoudemire said he would basically do anything to avoid a gay teammate.

"I’m going to shower across the street, make sure my change of clothes are around the corner, and uh, drive take a different route to the gym."

When the reporter asked if he was joking, Stoudemire just said: "I mean, there's always a truth within a joke."

This isn't the first time the athlete ran into some LGBTQ trouble. In 2012, during the offseason, he was fined $50,000 for tweeting a gay slur at a user.

Stoudemire has yet to respond to the criticism about his joke.

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