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While he battles cancer, young Mavs fan gets huge surprise

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KEENE, TX -- "She kept trying to wake me up for like an hour straight, but I was just so sleepy," Shadrach Hesa said Monday, describing his 8:00 AM wake up call.

Exhaustion is a feeling the 16-year-old has gotten used to in the past five months.

"We started chemo. Even just laying in bed I feel tired, and not doing anything all day, I feel tired," Hesa said.

Shad's left leg started to hurt last June when he was doing summer workouts.

"I was running on the track and I was having trouble running," he said.

For the next four months, the baseball and basketball player was nursing what he, his trainer, and his pediatric doctor thought was a pulled hamstring. That all changed in October with a trip to Cook Children's Hospital.

"We finally, for the first time, took x-rays," he said. "They looked and they saw a mass growing."

That mass was a tumor. At just 15, Shad had bone cancer, and not long ago it cost him much of that left leg.

"It was hard to accept but just gotta have faith in God and keep moving forward," he said.

Moving forward takes us to the reason Shad Hesa needed to be awake Monday morning.

"Shad, you tired, man? You up and awake this early?" Hot 93.3 morning show host Scotty K asked over the air. "Yeah," a groggy sounding Hesa responded.

For months, Scotty K and Bret Mega from Hot 93.3 have been working with Mavs Owner Mark Cuban to make this happen.

"You're gonna be an honorary captain at tonight's Mavericks game," Scotty K revealed to the young fan.

And it didn't end there.

"We're gonna give him a signed ball from Mark Cuban and his very own Mavs jersey with his name on the back," Mega said.

Captain or not, Shad's more than a little nervous to meet some of his hardwood heroes.

"I'm gonna be lost for words," he laughed.

Maybe so, but we bet he won't have any trouble staying awake for this.

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