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Supergirl S02 E13: Mxyzptk is kind of a creepy stalker, and are they setting up the Legion of Superheroes?

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the first appearance of the fifth dimensional imp Mxyzptlik sure to be a collectors item in our (week late) Valentine’s episode of Supergirl.

This episode was equal parts romance, villainy, humor and comedic creeper as Mxyzptlk is intent on winning over the heart of Supergirl and her hand in marriage.

Since Mxyzptk is a trickster imp in the comics and often portrayed as Superman’s greatest fan, we get a comedic take on the character early on with witty quips like referring to Mon-El as Tall, Dark and Blandsome but as the episode unfolds the stalker like nature Mxyzptlk as he reveals the seriousness of his desires.

Both Mon-El and J’onnz are already familiar with 5th dimension beings where reality warping powers can seem like magic.

Initially both suggest Supergirl dispose of Mxyzptlk by crushing and killing him. In the comics Superman and Supergirl are able to defeat Mxyzptlk and send him back to the 5th dimension by getting him to say his name backwards.

A jealous Mon-El doesn’t reveal this to Kara until later in the episode which sends Kara on a path to marriage?

After agreeing to marry him, Supergirl gets Mixie to meet her at the Fortress of Solitude for the clandestine wedding where instead she’s set the Fortress to self-destruct.

And in a return of trickery to save himself and Supergirl, Mixie must enter a code in Kryptonian that turns out to be kiltipsiesm! Or his name backwards thereby banishing the imp!

Couple of side notes:

We learn this episode that Maggie didn’t have the perfect coming out experience as she’s lead Alex to believe. She was outed as a teenager over a valentine’s letter she wrote to friend and kicked out by her parents.

Also, Winn’s romantic interest this episode is Lyra from the planet Starhaven.

While this isn’t a lot to go on, Starhaven is the home of Dawnstar, another character in the DCU.

Dawnstar is a part of the 31th century’s Legion of Super-Heroes, a team that Mon El eventually becomes a member of. Are the producer setting up the Legion?

Are they giving an out to the budding romance between Mon-El and Supergirl?

They’ve already established that Mon- El’s weakness is lead and in the comics it’s lead poisoning that forces him to be put into the phantom zone until the 31st century when a cure is found?

We’ll have to set that mystery aside as Camdus returns with Lilian, Cyborg Superman and Jeremiah Danvers?!

Get ready for a family divided as all is not as it seems in the next Supergirl… Homecoming!!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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