Believe it or Not, Ripley’s Annual Sword Swallowing Day is here!

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- Who doesn't love a good magic trick? Especially when they involve a little more than just a wave of the magic wand!  We're talking death defying type tricks!

And if you're into that, then Ripley’s 10th Annual World Sword Swallower's Day is for you!

The best of the best are in Grand Prairie to showcase an ancient art that dates back almost 4,000 years.

"The sideshow is very classic Americana." The sword swallowing, the fire eating, the human pin cushion, bed of nails all those classic acts have started to come back. We’re trying to keep those arts alive and keep live entertainment alive,” says Professional Sword Swallower, Mr. Krispy.

Professional Sword Swallower, Jai Le Bait, “I’ve been sword swallowing for five years and I’m internationally known because I sword swallowed nine months pregnant and I’m actually featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not book."

Along with busting myths and educating the world on the risk taking act sword swallowers perform charity work for the medical world.

"Back in the day when they were developing endoscopes and trying to develop the flexible endoscope and all that, they relied on sword swallowers because we could control our gag reflexes and allow them to work and develop the instruments that they now use in the medical profession,” explained Mr. Krispy.

Now, do we really need to tell you not to try this at home?