NewsFix cracks the ‘girl code’ with comedian Carly Aquilino

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DALLAS -- Guys, we get it. Cracking the "girl code" isn't easy. So, Thank God for Carly Aquilino. The tell-it-how-it-is comedian best known for dishing out advice on MTV's Girl Code gave NewsFix the rundown of the law of the ladies!

"It's the rules that we follow," Carly explained. "...cheating, ex-boyfriends, friends, waxing."

Guess growing up in the Big Apple will naturally breed a big personality, right?

"Nooo, I didn't talk to anybody in school," Carly answered. "I always tell people maybe I started doing comedy because I talked to myself for a really long time."

Having female idols in the industry gave Carly the confidence to pursue her career.

"As far as women, I think the legend is Joan Rivers," Carly added. "I think she's a real inspiration to comedy."

So now, Carly has cracked open her shell and is on a mission to serve as a voice for women-- but of course, in her own way.

"I think that right now women in comedy -- it's a great time for TV." "They're really standing up and it's a sad time in this country for sure."

Check out Carly crack a few girl codes with NewsFix below: