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North Texan’s gospel ode to Whataburger chicken biscuit goes viral

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McKINNEY, TX -- It's a well-documented fact that here in Texas, we love our Whataburger.  But maybe no one loves it quite as much as Fred Thomas of McKinney, also known as Pastor Fred.

Last week, it was the chain's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit that had him singing its praises - literally!

"I was just sitting in my driveway," Thomas told NewsFix. "Didn't even think about it too much, and bam!  Here it goes!"

Bam is right!  Pastor Fred's soulful biscuit ballad, "Something About This Biscuit," struck a chord with folks on Facebook - it's only been a week, and the video's already racked up over 5,000,000 views!

"It's just something that connected them with the food and me doin' it like I was doin' it," said Thomas.  "It's a journey that I never thought I'd be on.  Everybody loves a good biscuit, man."

And it seems everybody loves a good song, too.

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