John Wiley Price finally gets his day in court

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DALLAS — And it begins!

After just one day, the jury selection is complete for the highly anticipated federal corruption trial of the Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price and his assistant Dapheny Fain.

On Thursday morning in downtown Dallas, the jury started hearing the accusations.  Four hour’s worth of reading!

The trial officially began Tuesday morning with jury selection and a warning from the judge that the case could last ’til June. Seems like it will take forever but the jurors have a lot of digging to do.

If we take a look back, Price was indicted on 11 counts of conspiracy, bribery, and mail fraud. They say he cashed to the tune of nearly one million dollars.

As for Fain, she’s accused of using her business to launder money for Price and helping price hide assets during his bankruptcy and the raid of his home.

Records show the prosecution has 150 witness and 2,000 pieces of evidence.

But if one Texas politics case isn’t enough for you, Ken Paxton is also set to be on trial soon. Paxton faces felony charges for allegedly misleading investors.

The Attorney General pleaded not guilty and jury selection is set for April 20 in Collin County. His case could begin and end while Price’s goes on, and on, and on.


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