Black History Month: Civil Rights on Film

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In the past few years, many Hollywood blockbusters have been focused on a pivotal time in American history.

"The Help," "Selma," "Hidden Figures," and others take us back a few decades to the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

'When you look at 'Selma,' when you look at 'The Help,' when you look at all of those that have been put out,  I think they are very, very good movies, but I love the educational piece," said Marcus King, Senior Pastor, Disciple Central Community Church.

Pastor King says the civil rights era is full of stories of overcoming adversity and it still resonates with audiences of this generation.

"During that particular time, my mother and father, grandparents, we always had stories that were shared with us to make sure that we were appreciative," he said. "One of the stories: my mother was actually was born in Terrell Texas. She was one of the first to integrate at her high school. That was a challenging time of crossing the railroad tracks."

For some, seeing these movies brings them closer to a history they haven't had to endure.

"Living with the different water coolers, different restrooms, not being able to eat inside the restaurant, those things are reality, realities that took place," Pastor King said.

He says the goal now is for young folks to learn from the history that lives on through the lens.

'You have to educate people on how to treat you and we are only able to understand and really know our wealth. We need to know the wealth of our history," Pastor King said. "So I really challenge this generation to do the research. Don't just write it off. Everything that we do now is because they are standing on the shoulders of someone else."

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