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‘Tough pup’ survives heroin overdose after cops rescue him from owner’s truck

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CARROLLTON --There are a lot of things going on in the world that'll make you shake your head and this next story is no different. Take a look at this K9.

He's recovering from one rough ride after Carrollton PD found him left by his owners in a truck outside of a home depot. But that's just the "tail end" of this tragic story.

"Officers went out to the parking lot and sure enough found the puppy on the floorboard of the passenger's side," explained Jolene Devito with Carrollton PD. "It wasn't in good shape."

Turns out, the pup overdosed on opiates and cops claim it was "specifically heroin."

Yeah, we wish we were making this one up. The good news is the canine was rescued and properly treated by The North Texas Pet Clinic. He'll also be available for adoption in the next 10 days.

As for the humans, well, they're currently behind bars for heroin possession and fraudulent destruction after reportedly caught switching price tags inside the Home Depot.

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