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This talking doll might be a German spy

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GERMANY - Could a talking doll have a license to 'spy?'

German authorities want the U.S. doll 'My Friend Cayla' pulled from store shelves and banned in Germany because they think it could be a spy!

The Germans think the talking doll could be hacked and used to steal personal information from households where Cayla is hanging out.

Yep, according to the New York Times, the Germans say Cayla can be easily hacked using a bluetooth connection.

Cayla is made in the USA, and the doll is distributed to countries around the world.


Of course, Cayla isn't the first doll to give people fits. Remember 'Chucky' from the 80s? So far, Cayla's manufacturer, Genesis, has no comment on the German spy allegations.

But just in case, the Germans aren't taking any chances.

When it comes to spying, maybe it's all just 'Child's Play!'

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