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Man fed his body parts to a gator: The Real Thing?

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It was hard to miss this* story.

"Florida man, high on meth, cuts off genitals, feeds them to alligator."

Turns out you can make this stuff up. The story's not true.

Most versions of the story attribute it to the Boston Leader.

So why would a Boston* news site be the authority about something that happened in Lake County, Florida?
That's your first clue that something's not right.

What's your second?

Well, the newspaper in nearby Orlando doesn't have anything on the story.

The Boston Leader's masthead claims they've been bringing you Boston's best news since 1932. But the Better Business Bureau doesn't know anything about it. The website was just created in September of 2016.

You can even subscribe to "Boston's Best News" for only $9.99 a month. But wait! For weeks, the subscription page has claimed they're down "due to a high volume of applications."

We don't think you really want to subscribe to the Boston Leader. And if you see a story from this site, for God's sake, don't share it 'til you check it out yourself!

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