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Bobcats on the prowl in Plano

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PLANO — Plano residents might have a reason to be on high alert.

According to Plano Animal Services, last week a 20-pound poodle was killed by a bobcat that scaled a backyard fence and dragged it off. That’s a much bigger dog than is usually considered a target for a bobcat.

The fierce felines have become such a regular sight in the city that there’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to them.

And some small dog owners are now on high alert for the predators.

“I don’t like the fact that they’re coming into the yards,” said one resident. “You can only have so much protection if you keep your dog on a leash like we do here. If they’re coming into the yards we have some concerns.”

But others say it’s just part of life in the area.

“We’re just not concerned,” said Thuy Nguyen. “I mean we’re the ones that are invading their habitat so I just feel like you can take precautions yourself.”

Well, the habitat might be working in favor of the bobcats right now. A mild winter could help their food sources stay plentiful, and help the bobcats themselves to multiply.

So Animal Services reminds everyone, keep a leash on your pet and an eye on your small pooch to make sure rats and mice are the only things these cats are catching.

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