Paw-paternity now a thing for some temporary stay-at-home moms, dads

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SCOTLAND -- Whether, you're pregnant, injured or sick as a dog, taking time off from your job to recover is always appreciated. If you happen to work at Brew-dog you might be raising the "woof" over their newest benefit.

The brewery has hooked employees with Paw-Paternity. It's pet parental leave that allows their workers to take a paid-week off if they're welcoming a new fur-baby into their home. Believe it not, those dog days can get really ruff!

Sounds like a sweet treat for those willing to work at the restaurant in Scotland, but you'll have to move across the pond for that perk!

Well, don't get too down about it, but if you do, you can drown your sorrows with your cat. Introducing cat wine made especially for the feline in your life. Thanks to the people at Apollo Peak you can get your paws on a Meowtini, Catbernet or White Kittendale!

Don't worry, there's really no alcohol in the bottles. The Colorado company says all drinks are actually "natural catnip" instead!