Grab a selfie with the new President Trump wax statue

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GRAND PRAIRIE — It’s Presidents’ Day and some folks took the day to meet the newest POTUS. Not the real one of course, but the wax replica at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

“He is totally life-like and totally to scale. You can see that his hair is almost the same as you see on TV,” laughed Amanda Emmons, a manager at Ripley’s. “And he wears his famous red tie, you know, the power.”

And the crowds have been huge, with people coming in to meet the Trump figure, especially since it’s one of only three in the country.

“There’s a lot,” said Emmons. “Some people just come in just to get their pictures taken with the President.”

But hey, it’s a lot shorter drive and a lot cheaper ticket than flying to DC or Mar-A-Lago!

The wax figure at Ripley’s is just one of many ways the Trump presidency is already making its mark on history.

At Disney World, the Hall of Presidents is currently closed while they add a new animatronic Trump, and teachers everywhere need to update their presidential posters for class.

Love him or leave him, President Trump is here to stay in American history, and one day he’ll get a battleship, a presidential library and maybe even some “big league” money.

And when his term is up, his wax figure will move from the front of this museum, back to hang out with all the rest of the Presidents for all-time.

After the odds just about everyone gave him for winning the election, perhaps there’s no better home for him than at Believe it or Not!