2 boys rescue 4-year-old girl with autism from Texas creek

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ROMAN FOREST - A 4-year-old girl with autism has been reunited with her parents after nearly drowning in a Texas creek.

Police say the girl wandered away from her home and accidentally fell into Peach Creek in Roman Forest, northeast of Houston -- and that's when two 12-year-old boys, Markuise and Cameron, found and rescued her.

"They saw the girl playing on the other side of the creek. She tried to swing on a limb. She fell in the water and she looked like she was drowning. So one of the boys pulled her out of the water and the other one assisted," Roman Police Chief Stephen Carlisle said.

The girl's mother says when she left for work, her husband didn't realize the girl had wandered off. "She went out on an adventure. She's likes to do that. She's got autism, and we just found out about it. She just likes to wander off and do her own thing sometimes," Melody's mother said.

As of now, no charges will be filed against the girl's parents.