Lego Americana rebuilds ten US landmarks brick by brick

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FRISCO, TX — The Founding Fathers built this nation over 200 years ago, but now some people have re-built it with Legos!

The Lego Americana Roadshow is out at the Stonebriar Center in Frisco, bringing ten astounding recreations of US landmarks to town, all constructed out of Lego bricks!

The scale and accuracy is pretty astounding, with the Lego Capitol building alone being 1/29th the size of the actual thing, and taking over 1,700 man hours to build!

But it’s not just for selfie-taking. The Lego Americana Roadshow turns the mall into a history class.

“We have a cool, fun activity,” explained David Shea with the roadshow. “It’s called our scavenger hunt, the kids get to go around checking out all the models and they will answers questions when they read the description about each model. When they take the completed answer sheet to the Lego store, we’re going to give them a prize, a Lego Americana Roadshow poster and trading cards.”

Yeah, shopping turns into school here! And next weekend, kids will have a chance to take home their own monumental replica.

“We’re giving away 5,000 sets of the miniature White House,” said Shea. “They get to taken home an actual set themselves and experience what it’s like to have a Lego set.”

The monuments are in town until March 5th. So save those trips to DC, New York, Boston and Philly and see every great American landmark here instead!