City in the Netherlands throws “Lightlines” to “Smartphone Zombies”

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We might not have to fight the walking dead on the way to work just yet, but that doesn't mean we're not living through a global zombie apocalypse of our own!

We're talking, of course, about "smartphone zombies." You know, the folks who walk around town without looking up from their handy-dandy mobile devices. It can be a real problem, especially when traffic is involved.

Apparently, the zombie infestation in the Netherlands is so bad, the city of Bodegraven has taken extreme measures to keep their zombies safe from walking out into busy intersections.

They call them lightlines. They're LED strips embedded in the sidewalk and synced up with traffic signals.

They work just like the signals we already have, but you don't have to look up from your cell phone to see when they change.

It might seem ridiculous, but hey, it seems to work pretty well over there.

Keeping people safe is great, but what if they don't bother using crosswalks? What's next? Cities putting guardrails on sidewalks to protect jay-walking zombies?

Anywho, who knows if this safety trend will make it over to the States. in the meantime, the best way for us to survive this zombie outbreak is to just watch where we're going.

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