Chew on This: The President’s Kitchen Cabinet

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This week we're taking a journey to the White House – well – the White House kitchen. Have you ever wondered what former U.S. Presidents ate day in and day out? Or better yet, who prepared those meals?

Believe it or not, a lot of African Americans were responsible for feeding our first families. And author Adrian Miller is bringing their stories to life in his book: The President's Kitchen Cabinet. From the Washingtons, to the Obamas.

"We are intensely curious about are Presidents,” Miller told Newsfix. “We want to know that they're extraordinary people but that they are also a lot like us."

And the book is dishing on what really went down in the kitchen – and beyond.

One of Miller's favorite characters? Lyndon B. Johnson's cook – Zephyr Wright.

"You heard stories about Lyndon Johnson, about how he was kind of overbearing,” Miller said. “He would be that way to her, but she would give it right back. A lot of times he would show up late and bring guests with him, and demand that dinner be ready sooner rather than later. So she would ply all the guests with liquor so they would forget about how hungry they were until she had time to cook."

And what's a book about food without recipes? Well, this one doesn't disappoint with ones that are sure to fill your stomach.

But what will fill your heart is learning how much of an impact these culinary artists made on not only the Presidents, but the nation.

"They were all culinary artists, but at times they were civil rights advocates opening up a window on black life that the President may not have had otherwise,” Miller told Newsfix.

The President's Kitchen Cabinet is set to release on President's Day, and if you're interested, you can order it on Miller's site.

How's that for some food for thought – Presidential style!

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