Arena football comes back to North Texas

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MESQUITE, TX-- We’re in the "post NFL season" and lets be honest, who`s feeling the need for some football?

“The Super Bowl was 2 weeks ago, and people think football is over but it’s not, it’s just beginning indoors,” said Doug Bland, Owner of The Dallas Marshals

You don't have to wait until fall for your football fix. That's because the North Texas arena football team -- the Dallas Marshals -- are back for a second season.

Cornerback Anthony Williams said, “This year we have a whole new team, new scheme, new dream. We are trying to come home with the championship, nothing less.”

Last year the Marshals had their inaugural season in North Texas. They came up a little short in clinching their first championship, but this year they say they’re ready.

"Looking forward to bringing home a championship this year,”  said Quarterback, Kolton Browning. "Last year for the inaugural year, the first team, we hit some bumps in the road. The last game of the season we showed exactly what we were capable of. We’re looking forward to coming back out here and bringing it home this year.”

The team will be playing this Saturday and folks say it’s an exciting time to be a football fan. With the arena atmosphere, you’ll still have that big game feel.

Maddie Dillon who is a Darling Deputies Cheerleader says “it’s awesome being in here because the fans are so close so you can really see them, and hear them, and they are always cheering.”

“You see all the hits, and there is nowhere to hide so you can`t just run out of bounds and not get hit. You`re either crashing into the wall or crashing into another player,” Bland added.

The best part? You can check out the action live and in person at the mesquite arena or if you prefer watch the home games from your home right here on CW 33.

You can't go wrong, because either way - is a great way to catch the football action.