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Tips for surviving Valentine`s Day with allergies

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PLANO, TX — Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but the international day of love can be a nightmare for people living with allergies.

Yeah, throw together flowers, mystery chocolates with hidden nuts and on the more personal side, topical oils for massages that could cause a serious allergic reaction.

So what are some tips to avoid breaking out in hives this February 14th?

“Our message is read the food label,” said Dr. Aasia Ghazi with DFW Asthma & Allergy Center. Make sure that you also discuss with your dates that ‘I have this pollen allergy… you know last year you gave me this flower and this is what happened, I had a reaction so this is what I’m allergic to.’ Just inform them.”

Yeah, like a good relationship the key is honesty! And that goes double for parents sending their kids with allergies off to school.

“Make sure you talk to their teachers, let them know about their food allergies, make sure they have a plan,” Dr. Ghazi advised. “And also with your children make sure that you reinforce the safety rules that they know that they are not allowed to eat those food’s that they’re allergic to.”

Yeah, it may seem tough to tell your kid not to eat chocolate, but unless you want them to face down a serious allergic reaction you’ll show that tough love on Valentine’s Day.

So just follow all the rules, and the only thing you’ll need tissues for is that sappy rom-com!

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