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Riverdale S01 E03: Things start to get dark with confessions and possible doppelgängers

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Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

We left off with Cheryl Blossom claiming “I’m guilty!” Only to find out she meant not guilty of the crime but guilty of lying about what happened that day.

As she spins it, her brother Jason wanted to get out of Riverdale and run away so she helped him stage his death.

From the boat they went to other side of the river where she watched Jason leave.

Fortunately for Cheryl, Archie comes forward and corroborates her story about hearing the gunshot.

This puts Archie now on the suspect list and gives Cheryl a reason to warm up to Archie, Betty and Veronica.

But I don’t trust it.

With Archie now on the suspects list, his pal jughead is even more eager to find Jason’s killer.

Our major plot delves deeper into this idea that Jason was hiding much more.

When Veronica is slut-shamed after a date with football captain Chuck, Veronica, Betty and Ethyl – yes it’s Ethyl from the comics finally! - set out to expose a group of football jocks that have been slut shaming Riverdale High girls via a secret playbook.

In the book Cheryl discovers that her brother Jason took part in the shaming – a fact she never knew about.

To get to the truth, Betty and Veronica set up Chuck to get him to confess. This is where it gets dark fans.

Betty dons bright lipstick, a black wig and drugs Chuck to get him to confess. She also calls him Jason in the exchange.

New theory fans - Is this the real Betty?

The episode is titled body double. Is it possible Betty is the one locked away and Poly is loose set out for her revenge?

With the confession in hand, Betty and Jughead write the expose in the newly re-formed Blue and Gold student newspaper.

Our end of episode reveals that scout leader and paranoid survivalist Dilton was the one who fired that gunshot on July 4th while training a group of scouts.

It is in his confession to Betty and Jughead in private that we discover Cheryl was seen on the day of Jason’s death soaking wet, contradicting her story that she got Jason to the other side of the river dry.

Next up though is something I called last week. Geraldine Grundy isn’t all that she seems.

In fact the real Grundy might already be dead with a doppelganger in her place.

The mystery deepens in our next Riverdale “the Last Picture Show”

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