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FREE meal service to take off for some Delta flights!

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ATLANTA -- Delta is bringing back free meals y'all,  and we're not talking about those four peanuts and shot of sprite airlines try to throw your way either!

Starting March 1st the airline plans to treat travelers to a complimentary breakfast, lunch , or dinner.

This means, passengers flying out of NYC to L.A. and San Francisco will get first dibs on the grub while they plan to add more domestic routes later on.

This is HUGE news for flying foodies. Especially since the September 11th attacks' economic effect landed some airlines with no choice but to toss out free meals.

But, thanks to Delta, morning fliers will be served a honey maple breakfast sandwich or by dinner time they can enjoy a smoked turkey sandwich!

So, it's not the filet mignon or three-cheese omelette you'd probably get on emirates airlines but it's a start-- considering you've come from peanuts!

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